AFN: Smooth-coated Otters

3 facts and fun facts Do’s and Don’ts ⁃ Who is my target audience My target audience for this AFN is the younger generation, who will tend to get overexcited when they see cute creatures around. However, they might not know certain actions might compromise their safety... ⁃ Why did I choose this particular creative … Continue reading AFN: Smooth-coated Otters


2020 BFF Biodiversity Challenge Seminar Workshop

Saturday 22 Feb 2020 - 2020’s BFF Biodiversity Challenge has begun! For the third year running, the BFF Biodiversity Challenge 2020 was launched one Saturday morning early and bright at the National University of Singapore. Around 50 youths came down to NUS despite the COVID-19 situation looming over Singapore. To keep the crowds small, participants were … Continue reading 2020 BFF Biodiversity Challenge Seminar Workshop