The objective of the hike was to spot a troop of long-tailed macaques and observe how they behave in their troop. I prepared a booklet for my friends that contained information about the different types of monkey that reside in Singapore. We trekked for about an hour before we spotted a troop of long-tailed macaques. … Continue reading ACT FOR NATURE: MACRITCHIE RESERVOIR PARK HIKE

‘Act for Nature’ My Reflection

Who is your target audience? Friends and Family on Instagram Why did you choose this particular creative medium?  I love to draw and I find that this is the best way to express myself and deliver my message. Posting on social media is also the easiest way to reach out to a large group of … Continue reading ‘Act for Nature’ My Reflection

Wild Boar :D

For this activity, I decided to show my short info-graphic on wild boars to my dad who holds some misconceptions of them. Having read some news on how wild boars have attacked people before, he has mentioned before that he finds them overly aggressive and dangerous, especially to residents living in those areas. I hoped … Continue reading Wild Boar 😀

Act for Nature: What do you think of Wild Boars in Singapore?

My target audience for the above poster is the general Singaporeans, especially those who might have seen or heard a story about wild boars in Singapore and have a very misconceived understanding about wild boars based on the rumors about them. I chose to create a poster as I feel that a poster allows me … Continue reading Act for Nature: What do you think of Wild Boars in Singapore?

Hawksbill Turtle: Info graphic At the start, I did not know much about these amazing creatures. Thus I made this info graphic with the people with little or no knowledge of the Hawksbill turtle in mind. I decided to show it to my mother (who was too shy for the camera) and send it via Whatsapp to my … Continue reading Hawksbill Turtle: Info graphic