Biodiversity: Behind the Scenes Thoughts

I had the opportunity to listen in to this online discussion with Singapore's leaders in conservation at both the governmental (NParks) and non-governmental (ACRES & Nature Society Singapore), mediated by past BFF committee members. I gained a lot of insight from the discussion, learning a brief history about how Singapore's conservation scene and society has … Continue reading Biodiversity: Behind the Scenes Thoughts


BFF Challenge: Biodiversity BTS (behind-the-scenes)

Overview You’ve learned about biodiversity - so what’s next? Find out at Biodiversity BTS (Behind-the-Scenes)!  Beyond leading nature walks and doing research, there are many people working hard to make conservation work - policy makers, wildlife rescue volunteers, education groups. Who are they? How do they do it? And what does their work have to do … Continue reading BFF Challenge: Biodiversity BTS (behind-the-scenes)