Act For Nature 1 (SBWR)

15 March 2020-

Today i brought my friend Christalia to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. She was initially reluctant to get out of the house on a sunday morning, even excluding the fact that we stay in the far east of the island. However, after much convincing i was able to get her to come enjoy a day in nature with me 🙂

Firstly, we decided to head to the Migratory Birds Trail, as we wanted to catch the last migratory birds before they flew back home for spring. We managed to see a few whimbrels and Pacific Golden Plovers, as well as many Redshanks.

We also managed to come up close with a Malayan Water Monitor and Changeable Lizard!

Overall, she felt extremely enlightened and satisfied at the end of the day. We ended our day with the breathtaking sight of a family of 4 White-Bellied Sea Eagles soaring above our heads at the Eagle Point.


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