AFN: Smooth-coated Otters

3 facts and fun facts
Do’s and Don’ts

⁃ Who is my target audience

My target audience for this AFN is the younger generation, who will tend to get overexcited when they see cute creatures around. However, they might not know certain actions might compromise their safety…

⁃ Why did I choose this particular creative medium?

Infographic is the most common way one uses to present and deliver their information in a clear and concise manner. The visual aids also appeal to the target audience. Unlike video, they are able to read through all the information at a glance. This is useful especially if one shared it on social media.

However, it might not be as interesting as some other approach.

⁃ Who did I show my finished product to, and what was their response

I shared my finished product to my friends via whatsapp and posted it on my instagram account.

Some responses I had:

⁃ The infographic were effective as they were very concise and simple to understand.The first comment many made was regarding the visual aids used.

⁃ “Before looking at the posters, I didn’t know that fisherman uses otters to catch fishes, which was pretty cool”

This question lead to some thoughts on whether the fisherman would tend to mistreat the otters in order to benefit them.

⁃ “The fact that they are born blind at birth is pretty interesting..”

From the conversation, many of them also raised questions like “What are the reasons of the otters coming out and showing on the streets?” and “What would they do when are provoked? Do they bite?”. This shows that many fail to understand how otters react under stress/when they felt threatened.

Besides the information presented in the infographic, I also shared with them how otters fight for territories through an article on straits times: “Bishan otters defeat Marina rivals again at Kallang Basin clash” and how the bishan otters used to locate the marina otters by following their distinct smell.

Most of the people who I shared the information with, felt that it was an insightful session and they gained a better understanding on how to react when they encounter an otter family on the streets.

Evidence of Engagement
Evidence of Engagement

⁃ What was the most interesting aspect of this activity?

The most interesting part of this activity was actually reading up on the stories of the Bishan otters and Marina otters as there were many news and videos on the internet. It was also heart-warming to see how some of the Singaporean’s tend to help the Marina otters when the Bishan otters were “hunting” for them.

⁃ What is one personal takeaway from this experience?

I learnt that we should leave them alone when we encounter them, especially when there are cubs in the group or their dens are near.

I used to think a few metre distance would be good and safe enough to observe a wild animal. However, after my research, I realise that staying ten metre away would be a better option.


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