Sungei Buloh Reflections

14 March 2020-

I really loved my trip to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve with BFF and our tour guide Ivan! We saw many varieties of wildlife and plant life and it deepened my love for nature.

The most memorable part was when we saw multiple baby horseshoe crabs crawling around on the shore. Before then, I had never seen a live horseshoe crab in the wild, much less multiple babies! It was truly a magical experience and something that I will never forget ❤️


One thought on “Sungei Buloh Reflections

  1. Yes, the Horseshoe Crabs were definitely a highlight! Most of the time, I only see their moults. 🙂

    We also learned something unique about them – their blood is blue! In addition, it contains a protein that can trap bacteria. This protein has been cloned in NUS’ labs, and is now used to test for contaminants in pharmaceutical products. Check it out:


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