Big Birdwatch 2020

What I liked about the Big Birdwatch activity was that I truly got to appreciate the biodiversity of my neighbourhood a lot more. While I did find identifying some of the birds quite challenging, I also quite enjoyed the mystery and the thrill of finally being able to identify what I'd seen (especially when I … Continue reading Big Birdwatch 2020


BFF Big Birdwatch

It was fun reading up on common birds in Singapore and learning about them and their bird calls. While hearing bird calls in Singapore is not unusual, paying attention to which bird species each call belongs to was certainly a new experience! It was definitely challenging to identify the bird’s species when I was unable … Continue reading BFF Big Birdwatch

BFF Big Birdwatch!

I enjoyed reading the preparational resources that have been put up by the BFF team prior to the birdwatch. As someone new to birdwatching I liked how it comprehensively covers multiple ways of identifying a bird, inclusive of knowing its distinct calls! Although it takes awhile to be familiar with the materials, it is rewarding … Continue reading BFF Big Birdwatch!

BFF Big Birdwatch: SGBioAtlas Tutorials

Get ready for BFF Big Birdwatch (25 - 26 Apr 2020)! We will be using the SGBioAtlas app, which you can download here here: App Store: Google Play Store: Once you've downloaded the app, you should: Register for an accountJoin our Project Learn how to upload your own biodiversity sightings into the Project … Continue reading BFF Big Birdwatch: SGBioAtlas Tutorials