Act for Nature: What do you think of Wild Boars in Singapore?

My target audience for the above poster is the general Singaporeans, especially those who might have seen or heard a story about wild boars in Singapore and have a very misconceived understanding about wild boars based on the rumors about them.

I chose to create a poster as I feel that a poster allows me to relay the information in a concise and simple way that the general public could understand easily. Additionally, as electronic technology becomes the norm, so have e-Posters, thus, I believe creating this e-Poster would be the most effective way to reach my target audience.

I shared this e-Poster with my secondary school friends on our recent google meet sharing session that we have once every week during the circuit breaker period. They told me they didn’t know that wild boars could be found in so many places in Singapore, as they had only heard of Punggol and NTU having the sightings. They did suggest that a map of Singapore with location pinned on the respective locations of known wild boar sightings could be more impactful for someone else seeing the poster. They complimented that the ‘Do and Don’t’ table was very concise and simple to understand, as it was very self-explanatory. One of my friend also posed the question regarding the lack of predators, asking: “What about animals like snakes and crocodiles? Aren’t they predators of wild boar?” I told them that the lack of predators were refers to the extinction of wild cats like tigers and jaguars that used to exist in Singapore and helped control the population of the wild boar. But as they had extinct in Singapore, wild boar population had lesser predators preying on them and as such their numbers have been increasing rapidly.

The most interesting aspect of this activity had to be researching the various places that had past wild boar sighting, I personally did not know that wild boar was seen at a bus interchange at Tuas.

A personal takeaway for me from this experience is that there is much we can regarding any wildlife if we were to just put in the effort to search it up online and read from various sources. Also sharing and discussing it with a group of friends would provide you with new perspectives and learning points, just like how my friend suggesting using a map to show the sightings.

Overall this was really a fun and enriching experience! If you want to share the E-Poster do share the link below!


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