Act For Nature: A Poem

My main target audience would be from young children to young adults, but the reason why I chose this art medium (a poem), is because it is fundamentally easy to read. Therefore, most ages can read and enjoy this piece as well. I think learning can be fun, and I wanted to incorporate that into my piece by making it rhyme and having an overall positive tone.

I mainly showed it to my mother (picture above), but I had some friends who looked at it as well. My mother and friends thought the poem was well-written for all ages especially children, and hence had the correct target audience in mind. My mother also added it was cute. I think the most interesting aspect of this activity overall, was tweaking factual information into something phrased that is more kid friendly and optimistic, given how Hawksbill Turtles (the animal I decided to focus on) are also critically endangered and face many threats by humans. I wanted to encourage people to follow the Do’s and Dont’s, and reassure them that every single one of them can play a part to save them, not shoulder any blame.

Hence, one personal takeaway from this experience is how to send the correct positive message across that would get people to listen, and feel more encouraged and uplifted to help. I think it would be useful in any communication I have with my relationships and work, thus I am glad to have this opportunity to practice as well. In the end, I enjoyed this opportunity given to me by BFF, and I hope to participate again in the future!


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