Act for Nature: Hawksbill Sea Turtle

For my Act for Nature, I chose to share with my family about Hawksbill Sea Turtles. Now is around the time of their nesting season, so they may be spotted more often on our shores. After attending a talk on Hawksbill Turtles, I learnt that they are very sensitive when they come up to nest, … Continue reading Act for Nature: Hawksbill Sea Turtle


Biodiversity: Behind the Scenes Thoughts

I had the opportunity to listen in to this online discussion with Singapore's leaders in conservation at both the governmental (NParks) and non-governmental (ACRES & Nature Society Singapore), mediated by past BFF committee members. I gained a lot of insight from the discussion, learning a brief history about how Singapore's conservation scene and society has … Continue reading Biodiversity: Behind the Scenes Thoughts

BQLive with a Wildlife Educator: Are you bored??

"Do you get bored of your job?", was the question I submitted for this session. In my mind, I thought wildlife educators just gave general school assembly talks and patrolled our parks making sure people don't misbehave, encountering the usual problems - monkeys stealing food, people feeding pigeons, etc. I was so wrong and ignorant! … Continue reading BQLive with a Wildlife Educator: Are you bored??