Act for Nature: Long-tailed Macaque

Photo credit to Ecology Asia The long tailed macaque is a common creature encountered in the urban jungle that is Singapore. They have adapted to the ecological conditions and is easily the most familiar primate that one could possibly encounter in forested areas and in nature reserves. Much awareness needs to be raised for this … Continue reading Act for Nature: Long-tailed Macaque


Response to Burning Questions LIVE w/ a Wildlife Educator

Image credits: Unsplash / Jason Wong What drew you to this event? Human wildlife conflict is a topic less discussed among the average Singaporeans, and to me is a serious issue because a lack of exposure and basic awareness of responsible wildlife interaction in an urban jungle presents a whole host of challenges that will … Continue reading Response to Burning Questions LIVE w/ a Wildlife Educator

Red Eared Slider

PHOTO CREDITS: LESLEY CHNG About The red-eared slider, scientific name is the Trachemys scripta elegans, is also known as the water slider turtle. They are sold in most pet shops under the cover of "terrapins", and are popular house animals. Native or Introduced?Introduced, by irresponsible pet owners who choose to release them into our water … Continue reading Red Eared Slider