Response to Burning Questions LIVE w/ a Wildlife Educator

Image credits: Unsplash / Jason Wong
  • What drew you to this event?

Human wildlife conflict is a topic less discussed among the average Singaporeans, and to me is a serious issue because a lack of exposure and basic awareness of responsible wildlife interaction in an urban jungle presents a whole host of challenges that will exacerbate the situation. Hence, I believe this topic is very relevant in this day and age, and there is necessity for normal citizens such as myself to engage in discussions, and to see matters from a perspective from an Educator makes it even more credible, to accurately understand the situation on the ground.

  • What are 3 things you learned from this event? // Was there anything which surprised you?

I actually was not aware that there was an Act passed to make feeding of any animals would be illegal and someone could be charged for it, I had always thought it was only highly discouraged but no legal or concrete action could be taken against violators. Another thing I became aware of was the lengthy and complicated process that enforcers need to go through to make the right decision. This extends to my third learning point which surprised me, which is that there is a human aspect to every situation, the decision made to deal with the elderly lady feeding pigeons was a gamble, but the fact that it was made after considering her circumstances and her reasons for doing so, and exercising responsible decision making, makes me feel that it was ultimately the right option.

  • Having heard from the speaker, what is 1 new insight or question you have about wildlife outreach?

One new insight is that regardless of whether one is an enthusiast or normal citizen, in a nature reserve or urban areas, to avoid conflict, practice activities responsibly. When in doubt it doesn’t hurt to do some Googling or research to find out how, and observe guidelines.

  • What is one strategy you can suggest, to promote human-wildlife coexistence in Singapore?

Education is a powerful tool. Outdoor learning for schools, instead of solely giving school talks about coexistence, take the kids out to these areas where we see conflict like how it was intended for a field trip to be there. Goal is to stimulate an average citizen to consider these perspectives and absorb the information willingly, or better yet come up with their own solutions to promote coexistence.


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