Response to Burning Questions LIVE: Marine Conservationist

  • What drew you to this event?

I had always known Singapore has had a fair share of marine life, and had a keen interest in anything coastal related. However, this was the first I had every heard of a specific conservationist group targeting marine life. Furthermore, knowing that marine life is under threat, and having spoken to Pei Rong during the BFF session at the start of the year, I was keen to find out more about marine conservation, and also learn more about her journey from a student to a senior manager at NParks, especially since I have also been very interested in taking up coastal studies in the future.

  • What are 3 things you learned from this event?

I had no idea that Singapore was a ground for breeding turtles before, and that it had attracted so much attention at its peak, and that it was not widely publicised. I was also grateful to hear about how much NParks have actually been intervening in helping to move and protect these marine life. It was also the first time that I was exposed to the existence of a voluntary marine life study, something that I will definitely consider participating in once the coronavirus situation has stabilised. I was definitely very surprised that Pei Rong managed to speak with her idol – imagine to be able to reach such recognition and that it started from a burning passion, which was very inspirational to me.

  • Having heard from the speaker, what is 1 new insight or question you have about marine conservation?

I would like to know how people who are genuinely interested in marine conservation and such research (such as myself xD) can pick this up as a career in the future.

  • How do you think people can contribute to marine conservation?

It starts from simple things such as encouraging the use of reusable plastics and biodegradable materials, such that we can push towards less of such materials dumped into the sea which pose a threat to marine life in all sorts of ways. Participating in voluntary studies as mentioned in the webinar is also an individual effort in helping conservationists understand marine life better such that conservation efforts can be better refined for its greater purpose.


One thought on “Response to Burning Questions LIVE: Marine Conservationist

  1. It’s great that you are keen to contribute more in marine conservation! In addition to the Intertidal Watch Programme, there’s also some great work being done by our friends at the Tropical Marine Science Institute, which also owns Singapore’s only offshore marine research facility at St John’s Island. 🙂

    Some links you may find useful:
    Intertidal Watch –
    Tropical Marine Science Institute –
    St John’s Island National Marine Laboratory –


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