Guess that Gecko!

Above is a Spiny-tailed House Gecko, also known as a Common House Gecko which I managed to observed in the late afternoon on a pillar near my house on the 19th June 2020. I was able to identify this species mainly due to the presence of small spines on the tail of the gecko, which can be observed if you look closely from the photograph above. The round tail allows me to rule out the Flat-tailed Gecko (Hemidactylus platyurus) from my suspicion. Luckily for me, the gecko above still has its original tail hence I was able to see the spines on it, as if it had previously lost its tail once, the tail would not have spines on it. I was also able to eliminate the Four-clawed Gecko (Gehyra mutilata) from my suspicion due to the coloration on the dorsal of the gecko which has a rather uniform shade, unlike the Four-clawed Gecko whose skin is translucent hence it would have a blackish-flecks on a pinkish skin.

I was able to capture a photograph of the Flat-tailed Gecko late at night in a corner of my house as seen from the photo above. Although the image quality is not as good due to the absence of a good lighting, by comparing the tail of the two geckos, you could see that the Flat-tailed Gecko has a much flatter and smoother tail in comparison to the Spiny-tailed House Gecko, hence their respective names. Both the geckos above are native to Singapore and non-venomous, so no need to worry when we see them around bus stand, walls or on the ceilings in our homes. The two species are widespread and hence very commonly seen in Singapore as their diet consist of mainly insects which are often attracted to lights. Thus, it is a common sight to see them beside a ceiling light or a porch light at night as they feed on the insects.


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