Act For Nature 2020

My target audience teenagers in the general public. As the media is an infographic that can be shared online, teenagers would be able to share the infographic around to reach a wider target audience.

I chose to make an infographic because this is the medium that I am most comfortable with.

I showed my infographic to my best friend Samantha :> She said it looked really interesting and aesthetic and it would be able to catch the eye of my intended target audience.

The most interesting aspect of this activity was discovering how close we live to wild boars. Before this I had only known about wild boars appearing around Central Catchment Area, so it was really surprising to know that wild boar could also be found in Pasir Ris!

My takeaway from this activity is how a simple infographic could change the mindsets people have towards our local wildlife 🙂

Sources for infographic:


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