Herp herp, hooray! Sumatran Draco 😍

The adorable herp I chose was the Sumatran Flying Dragon (Draco sumatranus) or more commonly known as a Draco! ❤️ This native cutie can be found on trees all throughout Singapore, at the edge of forests and in parks and other green spaces with abundant sunlight. ☀️ The dracos are diurnal, only scuttling around during … Continue reading Herp herp, hooray! Sumatran Draco 😍


Malayan Water Monitor [Varanus Salvator]

Photo by LESLEY CHNG Native or Introduced Native Habitat Found in forests, mangroves, scrubland, and beaches where they tend to stay close to water. As well as in large canals in built-up areas. Natural Diet Carrion, small reptiles and mammals, bird eggs, insects. Territoriality Males are extremely territorial. Upon encountering another male, they will first … Continue reading Malayan Water Monitor [Varanus Salvator]