BQ with a Volunteer Guide

When I first visited Singapore, one of the more striking features I noticed in the country was the active presence of long-tailed macaques. It was a first for me to find both humans and wildlife coexisting in an urban setting. Now that I live here, I am more interested of their lifestyle! Hence, this event … Continue reading BQ with a Volunteer Guide


Unique and Striking: the Twin-barred Gliding Snake

Photo by: Nick Baker, Ecology Asia 2020 The twin-barred gliding snake, also known as the twin-barred tree snake (Chrysopelea Pelias), is a small yet unique reptile native to Singapore. As the name suggests, this snake glides through the forest, going from one tree to another hunting for its favourite meal, geckoes! Its striking feature of … Continue reading Unique and Striking: the Twin-barred Gliding Snake