AFN: Wild Boar

Instagram link:

Since I already have an Instagram page where I post weekly animal fact infographics, I decided to make use of the platform to reach a wider audience. 70 followers may not be a lot, but it’s significantly greater than a small group of family or friends. Plus, the wild boar fits perfectly in this month’s theme of mammals!

Therefore, my target audience is that page’s followers, who consist primarily of Singaporeans who are interested to learn more about animals.

I showed my finished product to my army friends as we have seen a number of wild boars while out in the field. They were surprised to find out that wild boars are so widespread in Singapore. They thought they could only be found in nature reserves, and didn’t expect to be able to find them in urban areas such as Punggol. They were also intrigued to find out that boars with piglets are very protective. 

The most interesting aspect of this activity was finding ways to incorporate the activity’s requirements into my page’s original format. Being stuck in army training most of the time, it felt liberating to let my creative juices flow.

My personal takeaway is learning that a group of wild boars is called a sounder, not a herd, and that only female wild boars are social animals. Males leave the sounder once they reach the age of 8-15 months.


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