NParks Spotlight: Treasures Beneath Our Tides

We often see the many animals that exist on land in our daily lives yet there is a multitude of species under the sea waiting to be explored. Having little knowledge about them, I decided this talk would be something I would attend. The talk by Ms Cheo Pei Rong a senior manager at the National Biodiversity Centre, covered more about the creatures that live in Singapore’s inter tidal areas.

Reef and rubble is an example of an intertidal zone in Singapore. Marine life such as fishes clams can be found there. The calcium carbonate shells of giant clams help to sustain the reefs in Singapore while providing protection for other animals.

Did you know our sandy beaches are also home to many different species of animals like sand dollars and ghost crab (they run really fast!)

I would like to visit Labrador Nature Reserve given that it is the last rocky shores found in the Singapore and home to lots of animals with shells.

Singapore experiences 2 high tides and 2 low tides everyday and visiting during the spring low tide would be optimal as the tides would be the lowest. The timings can be checked online. Furthermore long trousers and covered shoes should be worn for protection.

I realised the documentation of the wildlife in inter tidal zones is hard work and requires lots of determination as many of the animals that live in inter tidal zones are able to camouflage into the background. Inter tidal conservation in not only protecting biodiversity but also the sustainability of our shores.


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