Act For Nature 2020: Wild Boars

‘Do’s and Dont’s’ Poster
Ecology Poster

Who is your target audience?

I hope that the information will be able to impress upon the general public at a glance. 

Why did you choose this particular creative medium? 

Presenting information in the form of a poster is clear and concise. This creative medium attracts readers’ attention swiftly, as well as enables readers to understand information quickly and easily.

Who did you show your finished product to, and what was his/her response?

I showed these 2 posters to Terina, a fellow BFF-er, as well as Shermane, my close friend.

I presented to Terina through MS Teams.

Terina liked the different colours in the poster and mentioned that the ‘Do’s and Dont’s’ were straightforward, as it would teach the public how to react if they encounter wild boars. She wanted to know some ways that could provoke the wild boars and I mentioned examples such as going too close to them as well as taking pictures with the flashlight on. 

Terina liked the trees in the poster. She wanted to know what predators do wild boars have. I researched but found limited information. Essentially, they do not have a natural predator in Singapore, except possibly for the reticulated python. She also wanted to know where were they originally found, and I mentioned examples such as Central Catchment Area as well as Pulau Ubin.

I presented to Shermane through Zoom.

Shermane feedbacked that the design of the wild boar looks cool and great, and suggested that the section on ‘Do’s and Dont’s’ can be slightly bigger in font size. 

Shermane commented that the overall design of this poster looks good, especially the tree. However, she suggested that possibly the words should not overlap with the image of boar.

What was the most interesting aspect of this activity?

While researching on this activity, I came to have a deeper understanding of wild boars. I was exposed to many articles illustrating human-wildlife incidences as well as the diverse views that people have towards these interactions. 

What is one personal takeaway from this experience? 

Many people only view wild boars as a threat, they do not ponder the reasons for their increased emergence into urban environments. I really do hope that more people can look beyond and understand their plight; that they too are living beings and the destruction of their habitats must have left them utterly helpless but to venture out in search of food. 



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