Act for Nature: Smooth-Coated Otter!

Hey everyone, here’s what I did for my Act for Nature (:

For starters, I created a series of infographics (in a 1:1 aspect ratio) regarding the various aspects of the smooth-coated otters. This covered their diet, habitat, activity patterns, locations and sociality. Furthermore it covered 3 Dos and Don’ts when encountering the otters. It was designed as simple and minimalistic as possible, with light backgrounds, and with a fun font to appeal to all ages and audiences!

Many pictures were included, some of which were from me and others belonging to Otterwatch, Wikipedia and NParks. Hopefully it’s engaging to you too!

My 6 image infographic above!

On 26 June, I presented this infographic to my classmates in school, with our masks on cause we have to stay safe (:
They learnt about these aspects of an otter’s life, which would hopefully help the next time they head to the parks and see our cute furry friends.

Post sharing wefie ((:

Apart from presenting to my friends, I’ve also posted it on my Instagram account @wormadamsand (please check it out too!!), where 93 people have liked it as of me writing this.
Hopefully some of my audience was able to go through the images and learn something new from the photos (:


From making this infographic, I feel that it’s been a nice experience to learn more about the otters that occasionally appear during my birding outings. Honestly, I usually don’t pay much attention to them when they appear, while most fawn over them, but I’ve gained a better appreciation for their role in our waters. Also I really must love them for the role that they’ve played in increasing awareness for wild animals in Singapore, since many of us probably paid our abundance of animals little to no attention to begin with.

Well, despite this activity being a relatively small one in terms of tangible impact, my one hope for the future would be that many of these small acts would culminate in a Singapore that lives up to it’s vision by NParks: “A City in Nature”.

Personally, I loved doing this and wouldn’t mind doing more in the future just for fun, to educate and spark interest in those around me, and on my Instagram as well! Ending off, hope to see you around the nature parks, cause you’ll never know if I’ll be at one of them, looking for some rare birds (:


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