Act for Nature

Over several weeks, my mom and I have been exploring MacRitchie Reservoir, catching exciting glimpses of the rich biodiversity it holds each time. Here are a few of the animals that we have spotted. In addition, three new things we have learnt about each animal from our observations and some research:

Motoro stingrays (Potamotrygon motoro)

  1. Prefer calm waters and sandy substrates
  2. Originates from South America
  3. Known to survive up to 15 years in captivity


  1. Nocturnal
  2. Controlled glide can cover over 70 meters
  3. Herbivorous: feed on fruit, young leaves, and flowers.

Long-tailed Macaque (Macaca fascicularis)

  1. Sleep toward the edge of the branches near the top or crown of the tree and prefer branches that overhang the river
  2. Excellent swimmers
  3. Have cheek pouches in which they can store food

My mom and I were encouraged to contribute to local biodiversity conservation efforts after seeing the biodiversity present in MacRitchie. When we met other interested visitors along the trail, we shared about the animals that we had seen with one another. This creation of awareness among everyone is important, as some do not realise how important it is to conserve MacRitchie’s flora and fauna. With awareness and appreciation, the public will be motivated to participate in conservation efforts.

The most interesting aspect of this experience would be talking to my mom and others about the flora and fauna of MacRitchie and experiencing our collective wonder. My personal takeaway is the importance of sharing about its biodiversity. It often seems that people do not care about nature, when in reality, it’s because we do not realise how close it is to us.


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