BFF Challenge: Guess that Gecko

Gecko, Gecko, on the wall,
You climb so high, but never fall!

Take a closer a look at one of the most common herps in our homes – our resident mosquito munchers, Geckos! 


Completion of this entire activity (Parts 1, 2 and 3) before the deadline (26 June 2020) will be counted as participation in one field trip. 

Part 1: Find a Gecko

  1. Find a Gecko in your home or home compound.
  • Tips: 
    • Look up! Scan the walls and ceilings. 
    • Listen up! The sound of Geckos’ cals gives you clues as to where they are hiding. 
    • The Geckos living around our homes are usually active at night. Try looking for them in the evening, near light sources. 
    • The presence of Gecko poop is a good sign that there are geckos around.
  1. Once you find one, snap a photo of it!

Part 2: ID that Gecko

  1. Try to identify the Gecko’s species. Here are some helpful hints:

Part 3: Compare and share

  1. Describe 3 characteristics that helped you identify this species. 
  2. Compare 3 characteristics/aspects of ecology of your Gecko with another lizard/lizard-like species* that can be found in Singapore.
  • Choose any 3 of the characteristics/aspects of ecology below:
    • Morphological features 
    • Native or introduced?
    • Habitat
    • Natural Diet
    • Territoriality (is it known to defend a specific space that it occupies?)
    • Sociality (does it lead a solitary life, or live in groups?)
    • Activity Pattern (is it nocturnal, diurnal or crepuscular?)
    • Where can you find it in Singapore?
  • *These include reptile species from the following families:
Agamid Lizards (Family Agamidae) Anoles (Family Dactyloidae)
Skinks (Family Scincidae)Skinks (Family Scincidae)
Other Gecko species (Family Gekkonidae)
  1. Write a blog post with the following: 
  • Information from (3), (4) and (5).
  • Photos from (2) and of the other lizard/lizard-like species in (5).
  1. Upload your blog post under the ‘Guess that Gecko’ category.

Deadline: 2359, Friday 26 June 2020

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