Act For Nature: Common Palm Civet

This poster about common palm civets targets individuals who are unaware of the civets ecology and how to handle the situation if they were to encounter civets. I chose a poster as a creative medium to easily inform people of what civets are–it is easier to absorb the information in the poster and remember them!

I showed this poster to my mom who is interested in animals, but is scared when she encounters one. Although the civet is a widespread and common animal in Singapore, we have not seen any so far. My mom and I often stay out late at night, and since both of us do not know much about this native animal, I believed that it was appropriate to research on civets and inform ourselves more of what it is like! She was enthusiastic when she learned more about civets, and even more surprised when she found out that they can produce expensive coffee beans!

The most interesting part of this activity is discovering what they can produce as a species! Initially, I thought that coffee beans are simply grown from the coffee plant; I did not imagine that it can come from fecal matter! Furthermore, it is fascinating how their physical features is near similar to that of a raccoon and their habitat in high trees; I expected them to live on the ground as they seemed similar to cats. My research about civets proved me wrong!

Overall, my personal takeaway from this is that biodiversity is extremely important in society. Whether big or small, every animal has an integral part in having a healthy environment. It made me realise that no one animal is less needed than the other one. Hence, this activity made me appreciate everyone who does their part in keeping both humans and the wildlife safe and happy!


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