BQLive Marine Thoughts

  • What drew you to this event?
  • What are 3 things you learned from this event?
    • Was there anything which surprised you?
  • Having heard from the speaker, what is 1 new insight or question you have about marine conservation?
  • How do you think people can contribute to marine conservation?

As a bird person I would be excited to know more about a different part of Singapore’s biodiversity that I usually don’t interact with. When you’re able to hear from someone with so much experience it gives a better perspective into the general scene and honestly just gets me interested in trying it out one day.

Firstly, I learnt more about our coastal inhabitants, the 2 species of turtles as well as ghost crabs. As previously mentioned I don’t get many opportunities to see or hear about them, so this was a chance to know more about them. Pei Rong’s personal experiences with them really were awe inspiring, and I hope to do the same in a similar field ((:

Next I learnt that turtles need to walk on the shore before entering the ocean for ‘imprinting’, so they would return to the beach in adulthood. It was an interesting tidbit, since I always noticed that despite human intervention, humans never picked up and dumped the turtles into the sea immediately.

Lastly I learnt more about the story of she sells seashells by the seashore, which prompted me to go look it up more. – Here’s a link for a quick recap!

Overall, I understood that as long as people play their part in marine conservation, and are aware of the situation (know that turtles exist in Singapore), the situation would be better.

To contribute more, just search up volunteering opportunities online. Nowadays, there are many channels to support marine conservation with social media everywhere, so people can sign up online to participate in events like beach cleanups or awareness talks, which would contribute in the overall marine conservation effort.


One thought on “BQLive Marine Thoughts

  1. Glad you enjoyed learning about a different group of organisms 🙂 Thanks for sharing the video too – a visually-engaging presentation of the story behind the famous phrase.


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