Act for Nature 2020: What’s up, Wildlife?


Let your creative juices flow, while spreading the message of human-wildlife coexistence! Research on the do’s and don’ts of encountering a particular animal, then present the information using a creative medium.


Completion of this entire activity (Part 1, 2 and 3) before the deadline (30 June 2020) will be counted as completion of the Act for Nature component in BFF Challenge 2020.

Part 1: Find information

  1. Choose one animal from the BFF logo (see above): 
    • Long-tailed Macaque
    • Smooth-coated Otter
    • Common Palm Civet
    • Hawksbill Turtle
    • Wild Boar
  2. Do research on at least 3 aspects of its ecology (remember the characteristics you learned during the opening seminar?) E.g.
    • Diet
    • Habitat
    • Activity pattern
    • Sociality
    • Where in Singapore it can be found
  1. Do research on how you can interact safely with this animal, if you encounter it in the wild. Identify at least 3 Do’s and Don’ts. (To help you start, a list of news stories for each animal has been compiled in Annex A)

Part 2: Put it together

  1. Present the information you obtained from (2) and (3), in a creative form. Here are some ideas (more examples in Annex B): 
    • Brochure/pamphlet
    • Poster
    • Video/animation
    • Comic
    • Poem
    • Story
    • Play script
    • Rap/song
    • Photo essay
    • TikTok video series (minimum of 3 TikTok videos)

Part 3: Showtime!

  1. Present your finished product to someone else (a friend, family member, or even a fellow BFFer) and ask for their feedback.
  2. Share it on the BFF Challenge blog! Upload a blog post with the following media:
    • Your finished product (embed it into the blog post, attach a photo, or include a URL)
    • Evidence of engagement (5)
      • E.g. A ‘wefie’ with the family member you showed it to, screenshot of your Zoom call with the friends you shared your product with. Or if you shared it on your social media page, a screenshot of the post with any ‘likes’ and comments.
  3. Write a reflection in your blog post, covering the following:
    • Who is your target audience?
    • Why did you choose this particular creative medium? 
    • Who did you show your finished product to, and what was his/her response?
    • What was the most interesting aspect of this activity?
    • What is one personal takeaway from this experience? 
  4. Upload your blog post under the ‘Act for Nature’ category.

Have fun!

Deadline: 2359, Tuesday 30 June 2020


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