Act for Nature 2020: Ideas Welcome!


Have other ideas for an Act for Nature (AFN)? We’d love to hear them! Your proposed activity should:

  • Have clear relevance to local biodiversity (i.e. involve local biodiversity species)
  • Demonstrate a personal contribution to local biodiversity conservation
  • Engage others (in person or virtually) and encourage them to contribute to local biodiversity conservation

You could survey biodiversity in your garden with your family using the SGBioAtlas app, or create a game for your friends to teach them about intertidal species. We’re excited to see what you come up with! 


Completion of this entire activity (Part 1, 2 and 3) before the deadline (30 June 2020) will be counted as completion of the Act for Nature component in BFF Challenge 2020.

Part 1: Submit your proposal by 12 June 2020

  1. Write to , summarising the following details about your activity:
A) Summary of your AFNE.g.
– What you will do
– Who is your target audience
B) How your AFN is relevant to local biodiversity conservation
  • Note:
    • To ensure there is sufficient time to complete your AFN, we will accept proposal submissions until 2359, Friday 12 June 2020.
    • Kindly allow us 3 working days (Monday to Friday) to approve your proposal.

Part 2: Carry out your AFN

  1. Once the BFF team grants you approval by email, carry out your AFN! 
    • Remember to document (e.g. take photos, videos) the following:
      • Your finished product/activity
      • Your engagement process (E.g. Take a ‘wefie’ with the family members you engaged. If you engaged friends online, take a screenshot of your Zoom call. Or if you used social media, screenshot your post with any ‘likes’ and comments.)
    • You are also welcome to document other parts of the process.

Part 3: Blog about it!

  1. Write a blog post, answering the following questions:
    • In summary, what did you do for your AFN?
    • How does your AFN activity contribute to local biodiversity conservation efforts?
    • How did you encourage others to contribute to local biodiversity conservation efforts through your AFN?
    • What was the most interesting aspect of this experience?
    • What is one personal takeaway from this experience?
  1. Include the media (photo/video) from (2) in your blog post.
  2. Upload your blog post under the ‘Act for Nature’ category. 

Deadline: 2359, Tuesday 30 June 2020


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