Introducing the Black-eyed Litter Frog

Hello! I decided to come up with a more fun way to present my findings, so here’s a mini infographic 🙂


WhatsApp Image 2020-04-28 at 12.13.55 AM.jpeg

Original photo by Melvyn Yeo


In case that was too colourful, here is a table of all the important information!

Native or introduced? Native (first described in 1963!)
Habitat Forest floor
Natural Diet Insects
Territoriality Slightly, there has been a recorded instance of aggression when protecting territory (Read:
Sociality Solidarity 
Activity Pattern  Nocturnal, can be heard at dusk (Listen:
Where in Singapore? Bukit Timah, Central Catchment Nature Reserve



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Click to access sbr2016-194-197.pdf


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