BFF Big Birdwatch

It was fun reading up on common birds in Singapore and learning about them and their bird calls. While hearing bird calls in Singapore is not unusual, paying attention to which bird species each call belongs to was certainly a new experience! It was definitely challenging to identify the bird’s species when I was unable to see the bird.

One suggestion (once lockdown is over) would be to head out to the parks and nature reserves as there is a richer variety of birds there. The birds that I will be sharing about are not just those I found within the birdwatch period, but also those that I have observed at my relatives’ homes.

As for my favourite part, it was definitely the sketching of the birds!

Asian Koel

  • Brood parasite, lays its egg in the nests of a variety of birds
  • Young initially calls like a crow
  • Feeds mainly on fruits and berries

Black-naped Oriole

  • Species was established in Singapore in the 1920s
  • Reported breeding season in Singapore is from January to July
  • Eats fruit (mangoes, bananas, and figs), insects (grasshoppers, cicadas) and sometimes drinks nectar 

Crimson Sunbird

  • Sunbirds can hover like a hummingbird
  • Drinks nectar, occasionally seen eating insects as well, especially when they have to feed their young
  • National bird of Singapore

One thought on “BFF Big Birdwatch

  1. Wow! Beautiful drawing 🙂

    You’re also lucky to be able to see a Crimson Sunbird from home, as they are mostly associated with parks and forests. Another interesting fact about Crimson Sunbirds is that they are sexually dimorphic, meaning that the females and males look distinct from each other. You can check out the difference here:


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