BFF Challenge: Burning Questions LIVE w/ a Marine Conservationist


Introducing…Burning Questions LIVE! Aka a virtual fireside chat. 

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a Marine Conservationist? Join us for an online chat with Pei Rong, a Senior Manager at NParks’ Coastal and Marine branch, who will answer your Burning Questions live! So fire away any questions you have about marine biodiversity and conservation in Singapore.


Completion of this entire activity (both Part 1 and Part 2) before the deadline will be counted as participation in one field trip. 

Part 1: Attend ‘Burning Questions LIVE with a Marine Conservationist

Date: Friday, 8 May 2020

Time: 8.00pm – 9.30pm

  • The video call will be open from 7.45pm.

Location: ONLINE (Video conferencing platform TBC – stay tuned for updates in the Whatsapp group!)

RSVP and submit your BURNING QUESTIONS here: by 2359, Monday 4 May 2020.

Part 2: Blog about it!

  1. Write a blog post reflecting on the following:
    • What drew you to this event?
    • What are 3 things you learned from this event?
      • Was there anything which surprised you?
    • Having heard from the speaker, what is 1 new insight or question you have about marine conservation?
    • How do you think people can contribute to marine conservation?
  2. Upload your post under the ‘BQLive: Marine Conservation’ Category.

Deadline: 2359, Friday 22 May 2020


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