Unique and Striking: the Twin-barred Gliding Snake

The twin-barred gliding snake, also known as the twin-barred tree snake (Chrysopelea Pelias), is a small yet unique reptile native to Singapore. As the name suggests, this snake glides through the forest, going from one tree to another hunting for its favourite meal, geckoes! Its striking feature of a red upper body with black and white stripes will surely catch your eye. The maximum growth of the snake is 75 cm and possesses a mild venom. Although they’re generally shy and will not approach you otherwise, precautions should still be taken when met with this fella!


  • Native


  • Forest
  • Arboreal, but can be seen under dense vegetation

Natural Diet

  • Lizards


  • Not often territorial


  • Solitary

Activity Pattern

  • Diurnal

Where can you find it in Singapore?

  • Pulau Ubin
  • Central Catchment Nature Reserve


One thought on “Unique and Striking: the Twin-barred Gliding Snake

  1. This is an interesting species, and its ability to glide through the air is something we might not expect from a snake!

    Do you know that this is not the only species of gliding snake in Singapore? The Paradise Tree Snake is another species that is capable of this. Learn about these gliding snakes here: https://herpsocsg.wordpress.com/tag/snake/


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