Habitat Enhancement @ Chestnut

Hello World.

This post is very overdue but I guess it is better late than never. Admittedly I am not somebody who is very involved in environmental activities or anything green related in general. This lack of action doesn’t stem from a lack of care/nonchalance but rather dispassion. This is quite in contrast to my girlfriend who is into all things green. But in my own ways if I can I do try to minimise waste and recycle and other things which more serious environmentalists might dub “casual”. I just wouldn’t see myself taking excessive effort to preserve something I do not have the heart for.

So it was a personal surprise when I went for the habitat enhancement event with my girlfriend. Waking up early on a Saturday to be weeding in a foreign environment. Personally I was quite taken aback by the number of participants too but we eventually realized that it was probably better that way.

Weeding is interesting. In an overcrowded environment, we kill plants to save plants. We have concocted a hierarchy of sorts to decide which plants to cull and which to save. Why it’s interesting is because you don’t see an analogous application on people. (Don’t do that. That would be very violent.) Regardless, the intent is good. To protect the native Singaporean saplings and allow their numbers to grow. (Haha sounds like xenophobic plants!)

However I do think the experience overall was quite pleasant. At the end of which we are bestowed with a small sense of achievement to start the day and can be refuelled by the energy of the fellow participants. Although the environmental significance of the event may not hold as much weight to me, I find that it was a purposeful activity helping to contribute to somebody else’s passion and cause. Namely my girlfriend’s, who has been constantly reminding me to get this blog post done. Love you.


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