BFF Big Birdwatch: SGBioAtlas Tutorials

Get ready for BFF Big Birdwatch (25 – 26 Apr 2020)!

We will be using the SGBioAtlas app, which you can download here here:

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you should:

  1. Register for an account
  2. Join our Project
  3. Learn how to upload your own biodiversity sightings into the Project

Check out the tutorials below!:

  1. Getting Started with SGBioAtlas – Registering for an account

Note: You may register with your initials or a suitable nickname (e.g. your WordPress username).

2. Joining a Project on SGBioAtlas

Note: Do join the ‘BFF Big Birdwatch’ Project on SGBioAtlas by Thursday, 23 Apr 2020, so that your membership can be approved in time.

3. Uploading a Sighting on SGBioAtlas


  • Do ensure that all sightings are submitted to the ‘BFF Big Birdwatch’ Project.
  • You should submit 1 sighting for each species you spot. So this submission accounts for all individuals of that particular species seen throughout the entire birdwatch.

For more details about this activity, check out the BFF Big Birdwatch blog entry.


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