Saint Andrew’s Cross Toadlet (Pelophryne Signata)

Photo by Daniel Ng

Native or introduced



Commonly found in lowland primary forest. They are usually seen sitting in the middle of broad leaves or in low shrubs (eg tree trunks) which are 1 to 1.5 meters from ground level.

Natural Diet

The adults mainly feed on invertebrates (animals without bony skeletons or backbones) such as ants and beetles. However for the tadpoles, they get their source of nutrition from the yolk found in their eggs which can last throughout the metamorphosis process.


Males have been known to fight for the space it occupies.


Leads a solitary life

Activity Pattern


Where can you find it in Singapore ?

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve



One thought on “Saint Andrew’s Cross Toadlet (Pelophryne Signata)

  1. Good attempt at investigating an elusive species 🙂 However, it would probably be considered ‘rare’ rather than ‘commonly found’. Also, do note that individuals of this species found in Singapore are now recognised under a new name, Pelophryne ingeri. Named after the late Dr Robert F. Inger, an established herpetologist!:


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