BFF Challenge: Herp Herp, Hooray!

Herps: Reptiles and amphibians

Herpetology: The study of reptiles and amphibians

Herps play a fundamental role in ecosystems, being both predators and prey in the food chain. But did you know that they provide numerous services for humans too? For example, Reticulated Pythons provide biological control for rats. Common House Geckos also help keep our mosquito population in check.

However, many still have a negative perception of herps, thinking of them as slimy or scary.

BFFers, let’s say ‘Hooray’ for our herps and learn about these often misunderstood creatures. Together, let’s compile our own BFF guide to local herps on our blog. 


Completion of this entire activity (both Part 1 and Part 2) before the deadline will be counted as participation in one field trip. 

Part 1: Ask a Herper

  1. Submit a ‘Burning Question’ for a Herper: (by 2359 on Wednesday 22 Apr 2020)

Part 2: Highlight a Herp

  1. Choose 1 species of herp that can be found in Singapore. You may use these lists to help you:
  1. Indicate your chosen herp here: .
    • Note: Please ensure that your chosen herp has not been selected by anyone else. Also, do not delete anyone else’s entries from the sheet.
  1. Do research and find the following information about your chosen herp:
    • Native or introduced?
    • Habitat
    • Natural Diet
    • Territoriality (is it known to defend a specific space that it occupies?)
    • Sociality (does it lead a solitary life, or live in groups?)
    • Activity Pattern (is it nocturnal, diurnal or crepuscular?)
    • Where can you find it in Singapore?
  1. Find at least one photo of your chosen herp.
  1. Upload a blog post including the information you found, and photo of your chosen herp on our BFF Challenge blog! 
    • Upload your post under the ‘Herp Herp Hooray!’ category.

Deadline: 2359, Thursday 30 Apr 2020

Herp herp, hooray!


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