SBWR Walk Field Trip

This trip was more rewarding than I have anticipated. In the past, I have also trekked in other Singapore’s nature reserves; however, I did not take away and spot as much life in the reserve than I did on this walk. Having our tour guide, Ivan, and our field trip IC, Lesley, be our “eye” and also explaining to us the various Wildlife species spotted has been very beneficial. We spotted animals that I would have otherwise missed if I was trekking alone with my friends e.g. the Cicada insect, Mudskippers, Orange signaller crabs, and Nerite snails. Overall, it was a very enriching and thrilling experience. I will be looking forward to more of these field trips!

A Quirky Fact I’ve learned: Mudskippers have multiple ways to breathe. If underwater, they use their gills to absorb dissolved oxygen. Alternatively, on land, they can also breathe through their moist skin or gulp air through their mouths!


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