An energy-draining morning indeed

When I saw the title of the activity, I had zero idea of what we’re going to do exactly as I never participated in any habitat enhancement activity before. We were told to bring garden gloves (if we have it) so one could only guess.

The targetted area for enhancement was relatively far from where I alighted my bus and the long walk to the destination definitely drained my energy. After getting to the area, the first thing I did was wearing the provided garden gloves and started pulling out plants called “climbers” which I was told bad for the trees. I did that for about 10 to 15 minutes with the others and moved on, getting deeper into the area.

I was told to help out with the removing of weeds to clear the area so that trees and lalang can expand. After hours of doing so, I was finally done. It was so tiring and my fingers were aching. It may seem like an easy task but it really requires energy and determination.

There were many garbage bags placed around the area filled with leaves. We will then open the bag and start to litter the leaves around. I was told that it’s important as it serves as an artificial nutrient for the soil as the leaves decompose.

This is how the area looks like after removing the weeds and climbers and adding the leaf litter. Looks way better than previously.

After removing all of the weeds and climbers, they are brought to this place and honestly I have no idea what they’ll do to it.

All in all, it was such an eye-opening experience. Not only it was my first time helping to restore and maintain a habitat, but I felt so satisfied as my energy and hard work will help the the plants to survive. I got to know a few of the volunteers there and I had a great time (although drained)


One thought on “An energy-draining morning indeed

  1. Yes, habitat enhancement activities can be quite a workout! Glad you still found the experience meaningful and enjoyable 🙂


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