Habitat Enhancement @ Chestnut Nature Park

When I first saw this program on the list, I did not know what to expect until I went to search more about it.

Habitat enhancement (also known as forest restoration) is an ongoing effort that aims to manage and improve the living conditions of the native plants.

14th March 2020:

Upon arriving, we were tasked to remove vines and lalang that are found around the trees.


Vines and lalang are fast-growing, invasive species that are capable of competing and denying trees from nutrients and sunlight. Vines are also called the “trees killer”, where they would coil tightly around the trees as they attempt to grow, strangling the trees and affecting their growth.

Spreading Of Decomposing Leaves

As some of the trees were not catching up with the expected rate of growth, we spread out decomposing dead leaves to fertilize the plots, in the hope to provide more nutrients to the trees to enhance growth.

All in all, even though it wasn’t an easy task, it was an eye-opening and meaningful experience for me. I’m utterly grateful for all the volunteers and guides who took time out to play a part in the regular maintenance of the plots and protect the habitat of our native tree species.


One thought on “Habitat Enhancement @ Chestnut Nature Park

  1. Good summary of how the various activities contribute to protecting our native trees. Glad you found the experience enriching 🙂


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