Sungei Buloh Field Trip

Home to graceful little egrets wading through the shallows and majestic white-bellied sea eagles soaring overhead, the fieldtrip to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve was truly an eye opener. A big thank you to our tour guide Ivan and our field trip IC Lesley for making this possible!

Little Egret

Along the way, we saw male Changeable lizards doing “pushups” to attract mates (or just relaxing in the sun), beautiful Batik Golden Web spiders resting in their intricately weaved webs and Tree-climbing crabs scuttling through the mud. 

Batik Golden Web Spider

It was interesting to observe Weaver ants using the wooden railings as a highway to get around faster, though we were warned not to antagonise them due to their painful bite. Weaver ants are known to aggressively defend their territories from intruders and can spray formic acid directly into the bite wound, resulting in a fair amount of irritation.

Weaver Ant

One of the highlights of my trip was when I was heading home and noticed a female sunbird. I was awed by how close she was!

Overall, this trip was really enjoyable and I look forward to more of such trips in the future.


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